From the Deacon’s Desk (4-21-14)


Michael MuruildeDear Quad Parishes Family:

Happy Easter! The Lord is Risen, Alleluia! I hope you were able to participate in the Triduum services last weekend. The one’s I was able to attend or participate in were beautiful.  No wonder there is such joy in the liturgy. Like Christ, because of His resurrection, we are now also free from the tyranny of death. In His rising from the dead for us, He has atoned for the sin of Adam and Eve and has raised us up with Him. No more are we held as hostages, slaves to the grave; now we too will share in the promise of life everlasting. For those of us who have been working at becoming the intentional disciples, is a season of joy and hope.

For Karen and I, this time is also tied to time with family. As usual, we had visitors from out of state and a big family meal. These gatherings are important in our family as it is the time that Fritz and Freya get to bond with their cousins from Indiana. Interestingly, there was less candy and more camaraderie. Now don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of the sweet things to go around, but it was more important to nurture the connections in the children and adults. Besides, there’s no sugar withdrawal the next day. When you focus on the people and not the delicious black jellybeans that Karen gets for me! (Oops, that’s probably more information than you wanted.)

Thanks to all of the volunteers who worked so hard on transforming the church from the quiet and muted tones of Lent into the joyously happy season of Easter. Without your many hands, good hearts and generous gifts, the season would not reflect the utter power of the happiness that is showered upon us through Our Savior’s death and resurrection. God Bless You.

 Happy Easter (I love to say that)

Peace and Blessings,

Deacon Mike



From the Deacon’s Desk (4-14-14)

Michael MuruildeDear Quad Parishes Family:

Happy Easter! As I am writing this Deacon’s Desk, it is the Thursday before Palm Sunday and today I went for my annual physical. As I was contemplating what to say to you on this most holy of feasts, it occurred to me that we all have just finished our physicals; the spiritual kind. That is one way of looking at Lent; an opportunity to get a checkup and adjustment, if needed. (Reconciliation) So now that we are spiritually prepared for the Easter Season, it is our chance to go out and actually make the changes we have discerned through the Lenten disciplines of prayer, fasting and works of charity. Like the instructions given to us by our physicians, we have the choice as to whether we will implement and continue the growth we have started in Lent. Some of us will some of us won’t; much like the New Year’s resolutions I can’t even remember now! This is the time we come out of the tomb of Lent and experience the new life of Easter. How or whether we use this opportunity will be up to us.

Karen and I wish you and your families a Blessed Easter.


Peace & Blessings,

Deacon Mike



Jendrasiak, Sr Toni Marie(resize)Several weeks ago I attended a Diocesan gathering for Parish Team Leaders held at the Radisson Conference Center.  Our speaker, Fr. Roy Carey, shared an Easter story which I in turn want to share with you.

It seems that on one Easter Sunday a mother and her 5-year-old daughter sat in the front row for the Mass.  The homilist began his sermon by saying that “Jesus is Risen! Jesus is Alive!”  Before he could continue the little girl tugged at her mother’s sleeve and asked, “Did you know that?”  The mother, as moms are wont to do, tried to hush her.  But the little girl persisted and, in the kind of loud stage whisper a 5-year-old makes asked again,  “Did you know that?”  “Yes” her exasperated mom replied.  “Then why didn’t you tell me?”  The homilist looked out over the community and said, “That’s the best Easter sermon you will ever hear,” and sat down.


“I have risen and I am with you still, alleluia!” is the Entrance Chant for Easter Sunday.  We also hear in our Festive Songs, “The Lord is truly risen, alleluia!”

Did you, do you know that?  Do you believe that?  Have you shared that Good News with your family, your friends, your co-workers?  Does your face radiate the joy of Resurrection, especially as you come to Communion with the Risen Jesus?  How will you make the presence of the Risen Lord a reality in your everyday life?

As we experience and celebrate the New Life Jesus offers us over the 50 days of Easter (and beyond) may we bring joy and hope to those around us, and experience the Inner Peace that is Jesus’ gift to us!


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Sr. Toni